Part Loan a Horse

Have you wanted to own your own horse but worry about the cost and responsibility? Then part loaning one of our beautiful steeds could be for you!

Part loans are fantastic for pony mad children and horse loving adults who may not necessarily have the money or time that is required for the daily up keep. The Classical Riding Academy offer part loans on their horses and ponies, giving you the opportunity to look after your own dedicated horse and to gain a better (and hassle free) understanding what it is like to own your own horse.

Part loaning with The Classical Riding Academy reduces the cost, responsibility and hassle that comes with owning a horse and allows you the flexibility of returning the horse if your circumstances change or if your child loses interest.



What does part loaning cost?

Part loaning is based on two hour sessions of pre-arranged times on the same days each week to allow us to block out that horse's time in CRA exclusively for you.

The sessions can be week days or weekends, though due to the high demand for lessons on a weekend, those sessions are slightly dearer reflecting this and the fact that weekend lesson prices are higher generally.

£45 per session
(Add an instructor to one of your sessions for an extra £15)


Sessional Care and Riding

With The Classical Riding Academy, you get 2 full hours per session.

You will spend one hour riding and the other hour grooming. We suggest riders give themselves half an hour either side of riding for preparation and care, that should be ample to really enjoy bonding with your horse.


Benefits and Facilities 



of Part Loaning 

Priority Booking

As a part loaner you will enjoy 'priority booking', we will prioritise you above other clients by ensuring you always have your chosen slots with your horse.

Discounted Lessons

We want your relationship with your horse to grow and endure on a long term basis and we are invested in making sure this happens.


We understand that riders need support and also due to the high level of training of our horses that we want to help maintain we offer Part Loaners an extremely reduced cost to turn their session into a lesson. We charge a minimal £15 for a 30 minute lesson, or £20 for 45 mins (private riding lessons start at £60 for 45 mins) with one of our instructors and this offer can be used up to 4 times a month.

Available to Part Loaners 


Part loaners are able to access the exclusive hacking around the Goodwood Estate and can enjoy hacking out with other part loaners and liveries.

Indoor and Outdoor Arenas

We have great facilities at Classical Riding Academy and Part loaners have use of two all weather arenas, one indoors with mirrors and lights (sharing with lessons if not at capacity on that time) enabling later evening riding during the winter months.

Club Room


Our newly refurbished club room which is fitted with a full kitchen will imminently have a selection of cakes and biscuits, magazines and newspapers, good wifi connection and extremely good coffee to be enjoyed.

Mechanical Horse

There will also be a state of the art mechanical horse arriving which will have a huge amount of benefits for all of our riders and it will be possible to swap out part loaning sessions with sessions on the mechanical horse as you wish.


Interested in part loaning? 

Get in contact with The Classical Riding Academy for more details

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