Here you will find out all the latest news and developments at The Classical Riding Academy. Keep your eyes peeled for special promotions and open day events happening at Molecomb Stud.

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Rider Mechanics addresses the root cause of poor rider alignment and results in producing a much more favourable outcome not only for the rider but also the horse.

The session takes place on and off horseback with Natasha who has over two decades of experience encompassing a seat-centric approach to riding, underpinned with the belief that the rider’s position in the saddle is a key determinant of the successful confluence of the horse and rider.

If you are serious about being your best riding self, book yourself a session and prepare to be enlightened!



The Classical Riding Academy is postponing our open day at Molocomb Stud on the Goodwood Estate on the 1st August as we feel due to C19 it will be a bit of a challenge to put on a display and show people around whilst adhering to social distancing guid lines. However, watch this space as we have something in the pipeline which will involve an online open day and we will make sure no one misses out on meeting our horses and getting a little taste of what we do!


Become a more confident rider and achieve your personal riding goals whilst saving money. 

For a limited time The Classical Riding Academy are offering 6 x 45 min Private Riding Lessons for £300.

Find out more

Equestrian Theatre

The Classical Riding Academy's sister company 'Olivants Equine Displays' will be holding regular evening performances at Molecomb Stud showcasing our beautiful Spanish Schoolmasters and liberty horses.

Expect a top production of equine theatrics synonymous with the Olivants name.


Horse News

New Horse

The Classical Riding Academy have a new member, we are excited to showcase our latest purchase.....a black Friesian called 'Jericho'. He arrived a week ago and is settling in well, proving to be every bit as gentle and good natured as promised.

Although fully vetted before we purchased him, he will be double checked to enable him to be put on our licence for use in at The Classical 

Cecil of the Circus

Cecil is our amazing advanced PRE Spanish Dressage Schoolmaster Purchased in 2019 from the late and much venerated Nell Gifford, founder of Giffords Circus.


Cecil is available for limited schoolmaster lessons and those that have the pleasure will have be coming back for more as this magical stallion possesses the gentlest temperament and is the safest, kindest soul.

Billy & Bertie

The Classical Riding Academy's team mascots and legends in their own right...

Please tip your hats to Billy and Bertie, our pony pals whose main goal in life is to steal as much attention and polos from all of our clients as possible.

Be warned, so far all of our clients (and staff) have without fail fallen for their charm!


Staff News


With over 100 years of experience between them, The Classical Riding Academy aim to raise and revolutionise the standards of riding schools universally.  

Believing very strongly the quality of our horsemanship and coaching, we will take complete beginners to Grand Prix in a caring and supportive environment.


Please join me in welcoming Anneliese Gillett to The Classical Riding Academy.


Anneliese is a fully qualified, classically focussed instructor who has trained under Philippe Karl and specialises in teaching the classical seat.

In addition to this children and ponies absolutely adore her kind and patient ways so she has already become a real favourite. 


If you have a passion for horses, an eye for detail and an enquiring mind that pushes the boundaries of the ordinary and seeks to improve riders for horses then get in touch.

If would rather not teach but would like to be involved in the devoted care we impart on our priceless Spanish Stallions - we want to hear from you too. 

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