Meet Our Team


You are in extremely safe, competent hands when visiting us. Our expert instructors have all enjoyed highly decorated careers – whether it be on the coaching side, on a competitive basis, or a combination of both. We do our utmost to help you realise your aspirations in the saddle, and improve your skills within a friendly, professional environment. The quality of our riding tuition is second-to-none, and we can call upon the latest digital learning resources to enhance your riding competence. 





With over 20 years’ coaching experience, plus a wealth of knowledge on Classical Horsemanship and the Equestrian Arts, Natasha is passionate about developing the synergy between horse and rider. As an Applied Equine Behaviour specialist, she is committed to welfare and training methods that understand and respect

the horse, whilst enabling riders to maximise their potential. 



Having achieved considerable success in Show Jumping, Eventing and Dressage, Sarah is hugely proficient in numerous equine disciplines with over 30 years’ experience to draw upon. This competitive prowess in the saddle, combined with her knowledge of horse and rider biomechanics, ensures she can develop the most effective riding position and posture, which has significant benefits for the horse’s wellbeing.



Inspired by masters of classical horsemanship such as Alois Podhajsky, and coupled with her interest in dressage training, Anneliese has established herself as a highly successful and respected BHSAI instructor. With three decades of competitive riding behind her, she has helped all her clients gain confidence by developing trust and harmony between horse and rider – this makes for a much more rewarding experience.

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A graduate of the world’s most prestigious classical riding academies – the Spanish Riding School (Vienna) and the Cadre Noir (Samur, France), John’s unique teaching style is widely revered by his contemporaries. This internationally renowned trainer and rider looks after our more advanced riders, and possesses an infectious blend of humour, skill and enthusiasm that is sure to delight.