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Your Classical Riding Journey

Let us guide you through the levels to becoming an enlightened and mindful rider. 

The journey to becoming an enlightened and mindful rider begins at ground zero. 


This is the first step on your new riding journey with us. Riding on “Duke” will help you achieve the optimum position in the saddle. This is beneficial for riders of any level.

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Your first encounter with one of our beautiful steeds always starts on the lunge and aims at assessing your riding level so we can make a judgement with you as to whether you would like to go into the Forward School or the Campagne School?


This is the school in which you are likely to enter if you are a newcomer to riding or if you have had a spell out of the saddle and you wish to start again and really learn the basics thoroughly. 
As the lessons are one to one, and we stay largely on the lunge, therefore the Forward School also provides a perfect environment to work on rider confidence issues.


The transition into the Campagne School is an exciting progression as it allows you to work independently off the lunge and really start to hone your position and learn about the relationship between Classical Riding  entwined with Innate Horse Behaviour.


Campagne School level also represents the first opportunity for our riders to enjoy the social aspects of riding as the opportunity to ride as a pair and in some cases a trio becomes an option. This has huge additional benefits and the social element provides a very supportive environment for progression.

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Riders who have come out of the Forward School and who are focussing on their seat in walk and bursts of trot and not interested in cantering at this stage.



Riders who have a developing independent seat in walk and trot and are looking to get stronger in short bursts of canter work and develop lateral work, such as leg yield and shoulder-in.
(Cantering is always optional, not mandatory at this level.)

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Riders who are demonstrating an independent seat in walk, trot and canter whilst also executing lateral work in all three paces. 

These riders will be working consistently at this level and showing the potential to advance into the Haute Ecole. 

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Haute Ecole is open by invitation to our most advanced Campagne III riders who have developed the skills necessary to enjoy riding our horses touching on changes, pirouettes, passage, piaffe and Spanish Walk.





​Molecomb Stud, New Barn Hill, Goodwood, West Sussex PO18 0QD


We are located three miles north-east of Chichester, 30 miles from both Brighton and Southampton, and an hour’s drive from the M25 (J10). 


Our booking system includes a rider registration step and the first lesson available to new registrants is an Introduction Lesson. These are mandatory requirements and also allow us to ensure you get the most out of your time in the saddle. Please note that as per our booking conditions we are unable to give refunds. 

All riders must bring their own hats.


If you cancel within 48 hours or fail to turn up for any reason, your payment will not be refunded.


Lessons and other sessions cancelled with more than 48 hours' notice will be rescheduled to a date within six months of the original appointment.  


Riding is an all-weather pursuit and goes ahead even in inclement conditions. 

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