Our Horses

At The Classical Riding Academy we set high welfare values for all our horses, and this comes through our ethos of "Creating better people for horses and better horses for people" through the use of high quality horsemanship and coaching is driven.


Each horse is specifically hand picked we ensure they only work a maximum of 2 hours a day, 5 days a week - with downtime including lots of time in our fields to ensure they stay fresh and engaged.

Meet Our Horses and Ponies


We acquired Espartel (aka Cecil) in 2019 direct from www.giffordscircus.com where he had been the late Nell Gifford's principle high school horse and appeared in several circus tours as well as exclusive photo shoots.
He is a Carthusian bred PRE Stallion with very old, pure bloodlines and he is working at PSG level perfecting his one time changes.
Cecil is a horse with immense presence and dignity and he has carried 8 year old girls and pensioners alike due to his indomitable spirit and gentle nature.


Now 22, we have had Iberico ('Beri' for short) for 5 years and he is very old bloodlined PRE Stallion of the best quality and temperament. 

He is incredibly safe and unflappable for novices with buttons for piaffe and high school work for those that can and he is also a very skilled Garrocha horse.


PRE Gelding, Magnifico (otherwise known as Storm) has been with us for 6 years and has a wealth of experience and skills.
Storm has got great lateral work, flying changes, Spanish Trot, Spanish walk, he also lies down, bows and can be ridden side saddle.


We have had Pedrero ('Pedro') since 2019 and he came to us from a jousting company where he tasted life as a stunt horse.
These days he enjoys working on his dressage and is a gentle, steady horse who has fitted in brilliantly with our herd.


Emperador ('Perry' for short) is a 16 year old PRE Spanish Gelding owned by Ms Lucie Richardson and on Working livery at The Classical Riding Academy.

He is extremely well trained and has established laterals, changes, canter pirouettes, Spanish Walk and Passage.
He is perfect for more advanced riders wishing to further develop their Classical seat and experience some high school moves on an educated horse.


Legado ('Leggy') is a homebred PRE gelding out of Romantico IV and Libra VII, bred by Natasha Olivant.

Leggy is an experienced liberty horse who is often used for inhand lessons, he is also a steady and safe character for beginners and experienced riders alike.


Guerrero ('Garry for short') is a PRE Gelding bred by Natasha Olivant out of Bondadoso JR II and Estrella CCXVIII. He is currently in Classical training and proving to be entirely unflappable, in fact, he is like a large dog! Garry will soon be available for lessons.


Carlito has been with us since 2005 - 15 year anniversary this year!
He is a wonderful pony who loves children and is endlessly patient and kind.


Arty is 14 years old cob gelding and owned by Ms Lucie Richardson.
Lucy purchased Arty from Natasha in 2008 and that long term relationship has now culminated in his returning to Natasha's care on working livery along with Lucie's other Horse Emperador.


Arty is a steady and gentle horse suitable for beginners and experienced riders.


Charlie is an 11 year old Connemara Gelding owned by The Walker Family.

He joined us in June 2020 on working livery and is a happy all rounder excelling in all disciplines and suitable for a variety of age groups and riding standards.


Cedric is a 16 year old Connemara Gelding owned by The Kamal Family.

He joined us in February 2020 and is a happy all rounder excelling in all disciplines and suitable for a variety of age groups and riding standards.

Sir Rousseau

Rousseau is an Irish Sports Horse belonging to our yard manager Helen Smith.

He has evented at an advanced level and is a great jumper who gives a really lovely feel both on the flat and over fences.

Rousseau is a really good horse for riders pushing on through there BHS stages as he is very a very talented, competitive standard horse who we are lucky to have use of.

He is equally at home with novices and able to apply himself well to his rider's level and requirements putting positivity and good nature into all his work - especially when polo mints are around!


Jericho is our Friesian 'black pearl', who is incredibly gentle, dependable and loving.


He loves hacking and schooling and always has his head out of his stable trying to catch people’s attention to relieve them of tidbits!


He is a big chap and we use him for nervous riders and more experienced riders as he is well schooled as well as being safe and comfortable.


The Major is a gentle and kind soul who is steady and safe to ride.


He is unflappable and had an enormous heart, perfect for small adults and children.


The Major enjoys hacking and has endless patience with little people taking to the saddle for the first time. His favourite treats are 'Pink Lady' apples!!


The Colonel is a 13.2 mini cob of illustrious Romany descent.


He is a buoyant and friendly chap who enjoys his work and is loving life at The Classical Riding Academy.  


A favourite of children and also lightweight adults alike as he is forward going and well schooled with steady, comfortable paces.


'Lovingdale Sir Bertie' is his official title, however, we just call him 'Bertie' and he is a cute appaloosa miniature horse in the region of 9 hands high.

It is hard not to be blown away by his charm, he is a smooth operator and his patience with children makes him the perfect choice for little ones to have their first riding experience on.

Pictured here, with his friend and partner in crime Malachy Olivant, who is 2.5 yrs old, Bertie is available for lead rein lessons as a gentle introduction to horses -if you don't have children he really is just worth booking for cuddles simply for the cute factor!!

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