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Meet Our Horses


All our horses at the Classical Riding Academy have been handpicked to ensure that we maintain our incredibly high standards. When combined with the collective expertise of our hugely talented instructors, it has helped us establish a reputation for offering the finest quality tuition. To promote responsible horse welfare, each of our horses only works a maximum of 1.5 hours per day across a five-day week, with plenty of field time to keep them both engaged and fresh. 


(aka ‘SCRUFFY’)

This Spartan-maned 15.3hh Carthusian PRE previously worked as a principle actor's horse in the film industry. With a big heart and indomitable spirit, 'Scruffy' first proved his metal in front of the camera and now continues to delight in a different capacity.

He is safe, endlessly patient and loves children and helping people with confidence issues.

When not spreading his confidence enhancing vibes to riders of the Academy, he is working with Natasha on liberty and bridle-less riding. As if thats not enough he is a fast developing Haute école horse too!


(aka ‘HAMMIE’)

Also, formerly a man of the silver screen - Hampton is our biggest steed, standing at 16.3hh.

This jet black PRE x Knabstrupper certainly takes after his famous father Dibujado in looks and temperament, with fantastic smooth paces and an aptitude for learning. 

Hammie is perfect for taller riders, but has also been ridden by children. As with all of our horses he is a skilled schoolmaster and a gentle giant with it with a canter to die for and he is a very good chap to learn the principles of lateral work on.

'Hammie is a honey'.

Perfecto Los Hoyos.jpg

(aka ‘PERFECTO’)

This stunning, Carthusian PRE gelding was imported by The Classical Riding Academy from a very influential Stud in 2021.

Perfecto is a true darling, both gentle and affectionate with a willing and sensible character under saddle.

He has been slowly and kindly produced 'in-house' for a superb riding experience that exemplifies the results of our 'horse centric' riding and training ethos.

We are very excited about his future as an up and coming Haute école horse and is a débutante of the 2023 CRA season!

TA404901 - ESPARTEL.jpg

(aka ‘CECIL’)

Espartel radiates dignity. He is a Carthusian bred PRE stallion, acquired from the prestigious Giffords Circus in 2019.

He starred in the circus tour Xanadu and was ridden by Nell Gifford and her daughter Red proving to be a showbizz professional through and through.

He is a Haute école trained horse and he exudes class, offering higher level riders the opportunity to experience passage and piaffe.

In his spare time he is ridden bridle-less by Natasha and also works on his liberty and in hand work.

TA404294 - GUERRERO.jpg

(aka ‘AERO’)

‘Aero’ was bred by Natasha and Peter Olivant and has been slowly produced to to nurture and cultivate all the qualities that go into making a happy schoolmaster.

He is gentle, but kind and he also has an almost human aspect to his character with a unique sense of humour... especially when it comes to electric fencing! Let's just say he is known as the joker on the yard!

Aero has established lateral work including half pass and is a great horse to ride on the lunge owing to his steady paces and broad back.


The Schoolmasters of CRA

The Horses at rest and Play

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