Meet Our Horses


All our horses at the Classical Riding Academy have been handpicked to ensure that we maintain our incredibly high standards. When combined with the collective expertise of our hugely talented instructors, it has helped us establish a reputation for offering the finest quality tuition. To promote responsible horse welfare, each of our horses only works a maximum of two hours per day across a five-day week, with plenty of field time to keep them both engaged and fresh. 

TA404901 - ESPARTEL.jpg


(aka ‘CECIL’)

A magnificent Grey, Espartel radiates charm and dignity, with an incredibly gentle nature – ideal for beginners and experienced riders alike. Standing just under 16hh, this Carthusian-bred stallion was acquired from Giffords Circus and has appeared in several circus tours, as well as being the star of some exclusive photoshoots. 

TA405028 - IBERICO.jpg


(aka ‘BERI’)

‘Beri’ is a highly skilled Garrocha horse with a calm, patient demeanour. A bay PRE stallion from a very old bloodline, his quality and temperament instantly shine through when you first meet him. He’s perfectly at home with novices on board, or undertaking high school work for more proficient riders. 

TA404599 - EMPERADOR.jpg


(aka ‘PERRY’)

An extremely well-trained Spanish PRE gelding, ‘Perry’ is on working livery with us at the Academy. Having mastered laterals, changes, canter pirouettes, the Spanish walk and Passage, his classical pedigree lends itself to a more advanced rider looking to experience and develop high school moves. 

TA405155 - PEDRERO.jpg


(aka ‘PEDRO’)

This handsome fleabitten grey is our resident daredevil, having previously worked as a stunt horse for a jousting company. Despite being one of our tallest horses, he has a very gentle disposition, which helped him seamlessly integrate with his new equine friends here. Pedro’s passion nowadays is perfecting his dressage skills. 

TA404828 - MAGNIFICO.jpg


(aka ‘STORM’)

This striking black PRE gelding has been wowing riders here with his considerable repertoire of skills for over six years. A vastly experienced horse, ‘Storm’ is capable of excellent lateral work, and also performs flying changes, the Spanish walk and the Spanish trot – he can even be ridden side saddle. 

TA404294 - GUERRERO.jpg

(aka ‘AERO’)

‘Aero’ is the youngest of our horses at the Academy, and he’s quickly establishing himself as a very adept performer in his Classical training. Another of our geldings to be bred by Natasha Olivant, his unflustered, composed character stands him in good stead now he is available for lessons.



(aka ‘SCRUFFY’)

This Spartan-maned 15.3hh Carthusian PRE grey previously worked as a principle actor's horse in the film industry. With a big heart and indomitable spirit, 'Scruffy' first proved his metal in front of the camera and now continues to delight in the arena. 


(aka ‘HAMMIE’)

Also, a man of the silver screen - Hampton is our biggest steed, standing at 16.3hh. This jet black PRE x Knabstrupper certainly takes after his famous father Dibujado in looks and temperament, with fantastic smooth paces and an aptitude for learning. 


(aka ‘PERFECTO’)

This stunning, Carthusian stallion was imported from a very influential Stud in 2021. Perfecto is a true darling, both gentle and affectionate with a willing and sensible character under saddle.  He is being slowly produced, hand trained by Natasha and her staff with interspersed experience in the Academy.

TA404372 - CEDERICO.jpg

(aka ‘CEDRIC’)

A much-admired Irish Connemara, ‘Cedric’ is a handsome grey gelding, standing at 15hh. In addition to being hugely respected by riders, this 17-year-old’s popularity extends to his peers at the Academy, with whom he enjoys an excellent relationship. Composed and capable, Cedric shines across the board with great skill and grace. 

TA404242 - CARLITO.jpg


Our longest-serving resident at the Classical Riding Academy, Carlito celebrated his 15th anniversary with us in 2020. Incredibly patient, kind and gentle, this 13.2hh pony simply adores the company of children, and provides a reassuringly safe riding experience. We are very fortunate to have him within our yard at Molecomb Stud.