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Horse Riding Lessons in West Sussex


At Classical Riding Academy, the innovation of our core lesson structure was inspired by the acclaimed scales of horse training at The Spanish Riding School of Vienna. The pathway, from ‘Remontenschule’ (Forward School) through ‘Campagneschule’ (Campagne School) to ‘Haute Ecole’ (High School) details the progression of young horses to advanced horses. We have drawn parallels when considering the journey of the rider from their first time in the saddle up to and beyond the moment when an independent seat has been achieved, and one can enjoy all that may be accomplished with this skill. Living up to our Academy aims, the lessons are naturally progressive in complexity and all rooted in the tradition of classical riding.

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45-minute session | £68

We offer semi-private riding lessons open to anyone who is confidently riding at Campagne School level or above and who has previously completed our introduction lessons. Our semi-private lessons will be for a maximum of two riders and if you don't know someone to ride with, we can match you with a fellow client of similar experience and ability.


​45-minute session | £60

All new clients will need to visit us for an Introduction Lesson. This 'taster session' is limited to one per client and will take place on "Duke" our mechanical horse. This initial introduction will let us assess your ability in the saddle. It also offers the chance to meet our horses and staff, as well as explore the many state-of-the-art facilities on site.

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​45-minute session | £82

Having had the taster session with Duke, we will have been able to access your needs and abilities and can move you forwards onto an intro riding lesson with a riding school horse, specifically chosen to cater to your learning requirements. Following this lesson we will be able to sit down with you to discuss your learning journey.


45-minute session | £82 

The Forward School Lesson is the keystone to attaining balance and rider fitness in the saddle, starting on the lunge and working towards the ability to ride independently in a controlled and safe environment. This is the ideal lesson if
you are embarking on your riding journey, returning to the saddle after a break
or if you have never been trained in classical equestrian principles.


45-minute session | £82

As you progress through the Campagne School, we will mentor you towards accurate execution of turns and circles, collection and impulsion. As your knowledge and skills evolve under the tuition of our instructors, and in the patient hooves of our horses, your ridden work will extend to incorporate lateral work and preparation for High School.



45-minute session | £102

With unparalleled guidance from our experienced instructing team, who have a collective 150 years of Classical Riding experience under their belts, coupled with magnificent Iberian horses trained in advanced movements such as piaffe, passage, flying lead changes and even Spanish walk, there are no shortage of skills to hone for the ambitious rider.



45-minute session | £60

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced level rider, using an equine simulator like Duke is an invaluable way of improving your posture and position in the saddle without worrying about steering the horse, accelerates muscle memory and improves coordination ultimately supporting the achievement of your riding goals.



​45-minute session | £63

Should you wish to book an expert instructor from the Classical Riding Academy for a lesson on your own horse (or pony), we would be delighted to accommodate you. Take advantage of our excellent facilities to develop your riding ability in inspirational surroundings. We have overnight stabling for all horses with up-to-date vaccinations. 



As a friend of CRA you will enjoy a number of benefits, not least ensuring you ride your preferred horse with your preferred instructor in a regular session where possible.
This scheme particularly suits people who would like to ride weekly or bi weekly at a particular time and you will enjoy one free lesson a year.  Paying monthly by subscription can be terminated with only one month's notice.


A gift voucher to spend at the Classical Riding Academy represents the perfect present for a loved one, offering maximum flexibility to recipients. With a 12-month redemption period from the purchase date, they will have ample time to select and book their preferred type of lesson with us. Vouchers are available to a value of your choice. 





​Molecomb Stud, New Barn Hill, Goodwood, West Sussex PO18 0QD


We are located three miles north-east of Chichester, 30 miles from both Brighton and Southampton, and an hour’s drive from the M25 (J10). 


Our booking system includes a rider registration step and the first lesson available to new registrants is an Introduction Lesson. These are mandatory requirements and also allow us to ensure you get the most out of your time in the saddle. Please note that as per our booking conditions we are unable to give refunds. 

All riders must bring their own hats.


If you cancel within 48 hours or fail to turn up for any reason, your payment will not be refunded.


Lessons and other sessions cancelled with more than 48 hours' notice will be rescheduled to a date within six months of the original appointment.  


Riding is an all-weather pursuit and goes ahead even in inclement conditions. 

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