About Classical Riding Academy

Helping you improve your confidence and skills as you undertake horse riding lessons in a friendly and professional environment at the prestigious Molecomb Stud, West Sussex

At The Classical Riding Academy we have the horse and instructor power to take you from complete beginner to Grand Prix in a caring and supportive environment aided by the latest digital learning resources. 


Our horses are hand picked and trained with love, only working a maximum of 2 hours a day 5 days a week, with varied activities and plenty of field time to keep them fresh and engaged. These welfare values underpin every aspect of Natasha's ethos and at The Classical Riding Academy we believe very strongly in what we do and the quality of our horsemanship and coaching.

We aim to raise and revolutionise the standards of riding schools universally through the bench mark we set - so look out horse industry!!

Horse Riding School based in West Sussex

Natasha Olivant

Natasha is an Equestrienne who has been coaching for over 20 years.


She is a BHS registered Instructor, an Applied Equine Behaviourist and has extensive experience in Classical Horsemanship and the Equestrian Arts.


She founded The Classical Riding Academy out of a passion for helping horses and riders achieve their full potential by acquiring access to the highest quality tuition on the highest calibre horses.

Sarah Holland-Villa

Sarah Holland-Villa brings a wealth of knowledge earned over the past thirty years in the many areas of equine.

Have competed at British Show Jumping Foxhunter level, British
Eventing to Intermediate level and now concentrating on British
Dressage, Sarah has competed successfully at Prix St Georges
level, having qualified several times for the Medium and Advanced Medium Dressage Regional Finals.

An advocate of the Training the Teachers of Tomorrow Trust.
A passionate equestrian coach, Sarah also brings her extensive
competition background to aid in the development of both horse
and rider.

I have a particular interest in horse and rider biomechanics, and
rider symmetry, knowing only too well how the riders position and posture effects the horses way of going and potential soundness.

Anneliese Gillett

As a qualified BHSAI instructor, Anneliese has combined her thirty years of professional and competitive experience, study, and training with a unique philosophy and method of developing harmony, respect, and authenticity between riders and their equine partners based on classical dressage training. 

As much emphasis is placed on a practical training program to elevate you to a competitive level, as on the formation of a genuine connection and profound confidence in your relationship with your horse.

Anneliese is dedicated to the true art of classical horsemanship, her methods inspired by such masters as Alois Podhajsky, Nuno Oliveira and Baron von Neindorff amongst many others as well as furthering training by studying the teachings of Phillipe Karl and the School of Legrete. Anneliese believes that every horse has the potential to achieve correct and amazing work. 

Anneliese has helped all her clients gain confidence,  understand that trust and harmony are of tantamount importance, and whether they seek a competitive show career, or a weekend hack, it is achievable and also the potential for spiritual healing that a horse can bring to the rider, and rider to the horse, can be limitless and endlessly rewarding.


John Lassetter (BHSI, FABRS)

Internationally renowned trainer and rider, John Lassetter (BHSI, FABRS), received his classical training at The Spanish Riding School in Vienna and L'institut national d'equitation with the Cadre Noir in Samur, France. 


Described by Nuno Oliveira as having "one of the most classical seats among modern riders" John also has a unique teaching style that develops precision through carefully crafted exercises.


His skill, humour and enthusiasm bring out the best in horses and riders at all levels from beginner to Grand Prix.

A perfect blend of experience, knowledge and fun

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